Popular with 32 Kcal alternative diet

Is there enough plant enzyme?

188 kinds of plant enzymes

21 different spur food formulations

Characteristics of Lapovo

188 kinds of plant enzymes

Feeling full even though it is 32 Kcal

Lactobacillus · oligosaccharide · vitamin · mineral combination

Easy to drink fruit taste

21 different spur food formulations

7 Types of Multi-gain Koji Mix

What they say about "Lapovo"

I tend to be short of vegetables so I bought it for nutritional purposes before meals.
Due to the presence of many plant enzymes, I started drinking it, and my defecation was improved.

It tastes sweet and easy to drink and it seems to fit my constitution and lifestyle rather than products of other companies’



My stomach is getting better

Women 30s

Although I used to get bored those products, this product is very easy to drink and it continues because it is delicious.

Now, I am going to replace it dinner for the second month, but I think that there is an effect.

I was able to lose weight about 5 kg.

I think that it looks a bit slim.

I would like to continue until I reach the target weight.

Because it is delicious it keeps on.

Women 20s

mix it with milk every night and I am drinking it.

The next day’s defecation will be very good feeling.

I did not get sick of diarrhea.

I was lost boy weight 3.5 kg in one month.

My weight is gradually decreasing although it is the 2nd month now.

Taste is also easy to drink with tropical fruit taste.

I lost body weight 3.5 kg in one month.

Women 30s

Enzymes are better for the body than what is absolutely necessary for the body

We think that “Enzymes are necessary for the the body rather than good for the body”.



It is a “source of life activities of living beings” and “what will decrease with age”.


We import smoothies which has 188 plants enzymes to be easy to drink from Japan and sell them in Thailand.



We can not find high quality smoothie in Thailand and Singapore


It is difficult to find high quality smoothie in Asia like Japan


Although it is said to be smoothies, it is easy to put vegetables in a mixer …


If you increase the preservation, you can drink casually, and you put so many different kinds of enzymes, it will require considerable skill.





There are only a few manufacturers in Japan that have technology that can make raw materials of high quality powder smoothie


Of course, in Southeast Asia other than Japan, we cannot find such a manufacturers.


we would like to deliver a high quality smoothie of Japan to people living in Southeast Asia


We decided to import and sell it with the wish that many Asian people drink high quality smoothie made with Japanese technology.


It is a Japanese smoothie maker, registered as a Food and Drug Administration approval office (FDA) in Thailand and importing and selling in Southeast Asia is not found.


We are planning to sell high quality smoothie made in Japan and help to promote the health of people living in Thailand and Singapore (including Japanese as well as local people)



Botanical smoothie「Lapobo

30packs (8g/pack) B1,300 (Vat込)

Trial Lapovo

7packs (8g/pack) B350(Vat込)


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